From Failure to Success

It is an experience of around 6 years before which relates to those days when my best chum was under the interviewing process but due to numerous attempts, he couldn’t acquire what he actually deserves to be. It is a complex situation along with inspiration which is difficult to describe yet I’ll try to figure-out and bestow the finest solution to all of those who have lost in their life due to theirs bad luck.

Before the final semester exam, he also tried his capability, expertise, proficiency & skills in an MNC (Multinational Company) that visited our college during campus drive. It was prearranged by our college which was just a formality to exhibit by the college administration in next year’s admissions.

Somehow in the first two rounds, he qualified the entrance test & machine round but in the final face to face round, he became nervous & couldn’t express himself better & become rejected. He became much disappointed after this happened to him.

That day I could easily see in his eyes which was full of grief despite he didn’t like to express it with anyone. Being his closest friend I can realize his emotions but I was unable to do anything for him.

It is my perception that “when luck sucks you either in any of ways then it will definitely goanna makes you cry”. The time came when his courage broke into pieces & he became completely hopeless from inside. My friend still stood and competes with the situation. After his substantial & continuous efforts eventually he managed to achieve his initial job in one of the recognized & reputed agencies. I can barely forget that moment when he joined his first company and he was celebrating & engaged in revealing about his new position to his relatives & acquaintance peoples of those days. I was thanking God that he finally got his luck but it was not the end, the problem was yet to knocks at his door. It seemed that his life has planned to play the hide-&-seek game with him. After a couple of months during his job one day he came to our local accommodation with the disheartened down face. I was there but I couldn’t say more besides the few words of condolence. I was trying to encourage him for the next interview. It was our final session of college. Every student was engaged to get a good job or planning for an internship to secure a more prominent future in the desired industry.

It was more awful for him to confront the next interview after getting fired from his previous organization. But again he stood up and faced another schedule of his row. Unlike those people who just think that they are worthless; he tried to improve himself by practicing hard day and night. Although he had a successful running parental business with a lot more other creative ideas that can overtake his business but his own parent didn’t believe in him that he would do anything different.

Many of the things were running on his mind simultaneously but he was behaving like everything is working fine in his life. He was living his life with lots of burden in his mind. There was a time when he wanted to relinquish & run away from his home too where no one will know him. I know that he was born to fly as he always used to say that “flow with time and time will flow you at your destiny”.

But wait for the happy climax, another better opportunity in his life was waiting with taking garland in hands of dream opportunity when the same MNC visited at some other college for the real talent hunt. In that MNC any candidate could apply again after 90 days. He got another chance to which he was very much aware. This time he performed harder than last and finally, his dedication and hard work brought a positive result to him. Even he could not believe in himself that he was selected. First, he informed me that he had qualified for the same MNC.

I was very much satisfied more than him. It was a pleasing moment for him. Right now he is settled in Bangalore & happily married.

I wish that he might live his life like this forever & pray for his future endeavor towards his successful career.

I wrote this story because many people just surrender with their first attempt. Maybe this story become an inspirational story for them.

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